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Reebok Shoes Vs Cheap New Balance Shoes - A Quality Analysis

There are several options a customer has when it comes to affordable shoes without compromising on quality. If you browse the internet for branded shoes, you will be flooded with numerous websites giving you the required information. But two brands Reebok Shoes and New Balance Shoes stand out from the rest. Both the brands have created a niche for themselves in footwear market irrespective of marked difference amongst the two.

Reebok's heritage dates back to 1895 when J.W. Foster and Sons started a family company to manufacture footwear. In 1958 Adidas acquired the company and changed the name as Reebok. Reebok represents the African spelling of a rare type of gazelle.

Reebok is a global brand manufacturer of athletic shoes along with other products like apparel and accessories. Reebok shoes have innovative ideas about footwear and keep revamping its collection with updated versions on regular basis. Reebok thereby caters to the all-round need of mass market and niche market of international athletes too! The company has a wide choice of footwear to offer, be it for a professional or for a child playing for fun.

As for promoting the products, Reebok has adopted to tried and tested model for marketing and attaining a higher brand recall value. It sponsors sports teams participating in national and international tournaments and competitions, thereby acquiring exclusive rights as official footwear wore by such athletes. Reebok shoes are available across the world either through exclusive outlets or sold through retail stores. The products are even available online. Most online stores offer attractive discounts in excess of 50 percent over the list price. Reebok shoes are available for as little as $39.99!

In Contrast, another footwear manufacturer New Balance Company, which started its operations in the early 1900, is gaining momentum as top tier running shoe and athletic accessories manufacturer. Cheap New balance shoes are available for as low as $55. Not only the price is affordable, but some online stores offer another pair at $50, thereby making it an attractive bargain. New Balance specializes in providing softer and meatier soles to shoes. This aspect has appealed to most of the top international long distance runners. New Balance's speciality products are the neutral-cushioned training shoe. The New Balance 758, 883 and 1063 are the three most promising models for neutral shoes and extra soft soles. In comparison to other reputed international brands New Balance shoes are comparatively cheaper in terms of return for value they provide.

New balance shoes are the pioneers in regards to creating running shoes especially for trail jogging. The company also specializes in manufacturing shoes for runners whose feet require greater stability because of a problem called "Pronation". These special shoes are similar to regular shoes with the sole and upper designed for off road running. Cheap New Balance shoes have spikes fixed on the bottom of the sole for assisting in running faster. It also has models that are light weight and suitable for both long distance and marathon running. Another model features waterproof protection which keeps one's feet dry. It also comes with an "Ortholite foam" insert with an anti-microbial insole which resists foot odour.

When it comes to product promotion, Cheap New Balance Shoes are unique. The company does not engage any celebrity to promote its products. Instead, it believes in the policy that the product will speak about the quality.